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Company Introduction

Tangmo transmission machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, is an enterprise specializing in the design,research, manufacturing and sales of transmission machinery products.It is composed of a group of experienced elites who have been engaged in research and development, production and manufacturing of transmission equipment for many years.Our company focuses on the production and manufacture of industrial universal shafts, gear coupling and split bearings, etc. In 2018, Tangmo invested 10 million yuan in Wuxi to build the production base of Tangmo Transmission Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. with 60 employees, more than 80 advanced numerical control equipment and product excess 8000 large transmission shafts annually. The company passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification in 2018. Tangmo is also a member of China Heavy Machinery Supply Association and a AAA-level enterprise of quality ,service and integrity in Jiangsu Province . Its products have covered metallurgical mines, lifting and transportation, petrochemical industry, cement, electric power, paper-making and other industries in more than 20 provinces and cities throughout the country, and exported to Southeast Asia and European and American countries. Many times for domestic large and medium-sized steel mills, design institutes, machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises to carry out technical transformation and upgrading of transmission equipment, they are in good condition under harsh enviroment, received universal praise and good evaluation.


Our company's products are mainly used for: medium and heavy plate, hot continuous rolling, H-section steel, rail and beam production, steel pipe production, bar, high-speed wire, small and medium sized product production, cold rolling, straightening, and split type belt seat bearing in cold bed, pipe turning machine, continuous casting machine, etc.The main products offered are:Crossshaft Universal Coupling Drum Tooth Drive Shaft (GSL, ZJG, PQF) Drum Tooth Coupling (GIICL Series, WG Series Example, GB, GJ Series Example) Special Drum Tooth Clutch for Rod Line Flat Vertical Conversion, Quick ConversionLocking device, metal diaphragm coupling, rolling tube toothed coupling, split rolling bearing with seat for metallurgical equipment, etc.

Quality Management System Diagram

Smoother, higher performance and easier maintenance

The technical department designs according to the contract, technical agreement, drawings and national standards
Purchasing department shall purchase from qualified suppliers according to BOM material list and technical requirements
Raw materials entering the factory must complete the external dimensions processing and the chemical composition testing of the raw materials
Flaw detection shall be carried out after rough machining of materials, and quenching and tempering shall be carried out together with test bar after passing the test
Metallographic hardness and mechanical property test (tensile strength, yield strength and impact resistance) shall be carried out after tempering
After the heat treatment is qualified, finish machining shall be carried out. For each processing link, self inspection shall be carried out for machining dimension and operator, and then process inspection shall be carried out by professional inspector
After finishing, all processes shall be subject to nitriding treatment after inspection
Check the hardness, depth and final size of nitriding after nitriding
All parts shall be inspected and incorporated into semi-finished product warehouse after processing
Assembler checks part drawings according to assembly drawing requirements
Precision fit size, assembler to make assembly record
After assembly, carry out dynamic balance test and equip with corresponding unbalance block
The general drawing of assembly dimension check after assembly shall be inspected by full-time inspector
Paint packaging shall be carried out after the assembly inspection is qualified, and then put into the finished product warehouse after the inspection is qualified

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